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Fossilized Productions

(ok, maybe not that old)

Check out these projects Tyrannosounds Inc. has played a part in


Battle of the Boros

Apocalyptic NYC Based RPG
by Andy Heymann

score and recording for tracks and main theme


Don't Forget To Save

Punk/Rock single about the importance
of saving in video games.

song, low brass, and vocals: Christopher William Palmer

lead vocals and guitars: Ignatious Jaxzov (Michael J. Miller)

We Are Surviving This

Instrumental LP
(released under "Key Lime Pie" band)

compositions and performance


The Tale of Mr. Fuzzy:
Hour of the Flower

Garden Growing RPG

game design, story, music score, art

The Doggy Cats: Daikon Pizza

led by Tetsuro Hoshii

performance and background horn arrangements

Lucid Culture Review

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