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Tyrannosounds Inc.



Tyrannosounds Inc. is music given life. Video game and film scores, live band arrangements,
impossible-to-find sheet music transcription services, musical theater lyrics desiring a song
to sing to, and pretty much any other musical/audio service you just realized you need are
​the types of tasks Tyrannosounds will tackle.


Sound Services

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Scoring for Media

The Flexible Orchestra Of Today

Have a project that could use a unique score to help it come to life? Whether its an expansive field map in your new adventure game, a commercial for your company's latest product, or an opening musical number to your play, Tyrannosounds composer Christopher William Palmer is ready to make it happen. From synthesized electronic tracks to live sounding symphony orchestras, any style and genre is possible. Even if you already have your live performers, we can create a music score specifically adhering to the needs of your group.

Music Transcriptions

The Music You Are Looking For

Have a favorite song that you've spent endless hours browsing the internet for the sheet music of, but since only seven people on Earth know of the song it simply doesn't exist? Well look no further! If you get in touch with us and send us an audio file or a link to an recording, we will write it out in sheet music format especially for you. On top of that we can arrange it for pretty much whatever instrumentation you want, be it solo piano with vocals or orchestra with a heavy metal band at the core.


Live Bands for Events

Let's Do It Live!

Looking to hire some musicians for your next social gathering or promotional event? Well you've come to the right place! Tyrannosounds has a large list of super talented artists to call upon when a certain ensemble is requested. Tell us the instrumentation or style of band you want and we will customize it accordingly. This can include wedding bands, jazz/funk combos, classical duets, a trombone quartet playing your favorite Disney and video game arrangements, and so much more!

Musician Recording

Take Down That Unique Sound

Want your tracks to have that realistic edge? Or maybe you don't have the tools to record your own playing and need some help. Whatever the case may be, Tyrannosounds takes pride in recording musicians so that the uniquely sounding notes they play can be heard indefinitely.


Sound Design

Give Voice To Your Monster

Perhaps you are looking more for some SFX and foley work. Look no further, this company lives up to its name and will create some serious tyranno-sounds for your project, whether it be for live theater or on the big (or small) screen.


The Max For Your Tracks

Have a bunch of tracks that you aren't sure how to make really come together? Well as you have have learned by now, we specialize in making things sound good. If you feel too exhausted after your hours of recording, let us handle the levels, placement, and FX that come after to help give your tracks the life they desire.

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All Videos

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